Black 4.3L Digital Air Fryer

(25 customer reviews)


Key Features:

  • 4.3L air fryer, allowing up to 500g of food
  • 8 pre-set cooking modes including fries, meat, and fish
  • 3 layer speckled non-stick coating
  • 60 minute timer
  • Dishwasher safe basket and insert


Black 4.3L Digital Air Fryer:

This product is exclusively available on the Asda website and in Asda stores. For any technical support (including warranty claims), set up issues or spare parts, please call Asda’s Technical Support Helpline: 0333 600 7700

In-store availability, prices and promotions may vary from those online.

Asda Warranty Information: 

To qualify for Asda’s 2-year warranty the appliance must have been used according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Failure to present valid proof of purchase receipt at the time of claim may void the warranty. If your Black 4.3L Digital Air Fryer stops working or develops a fault then return it to your nearest Asda store and they will happily replace or refund the item. 

Asda shall not be liable to replace goods under the terms where:

– The fault has been caused or is attributable to accidental use, misuse, negligent use or use contrary to the user manuals recommendations or where the fault has been caused by power surges or damaged caused in transit

– The appliance has been used on a voltage supply other than that described on the product rating label

– Repairs have been attempted by persons other than our service staff (or authorised dealer).

– Where the appliance has been used for hire purposes or non-domestic use.

– Asda are not liable to carry out any type of servicing, under the warranty.

25 reviews for Black 4.3L Digital Air Fryer

  1. Ron Davies

    this product is a brilliant item it cooks food excellent and the price is perfect.

  2. Alan Bell

    Forget ninja, this air fryer is great.

  3. Mark

    Fantastic. Air fryer cooks to perfection since buying one we haven’t used the main oven once

  4. Lawrence

    An excellent product , sturdy built, easy clean lining inside drawer. Drawer good size held enough frozen chips for two adults. Heats up within 3 mins to same 200C as fan oven
    Compared to other brands with 4.3L capacity
    Best value machine going. If you can use a fan oven you can use this.

  5. Susan

    Fabulous product.Ideal for 2/3 people. Can’t wait to try loads of recipes.

  6. Lindsey

    I’ve recently bought this fabulous machine! where have you been hiding?
    Amazing I love it! am a novice but loving experimenting

  7. Helga

    After I read the reviews above and for other air fryers, today decided to buy Scoville. It’s absolutely amazing. The price was very good and the quality was more than expected. I made some chips followed the time advice and done crispy and delicious. The air fryer is also easy to clean. I highly recommend! I’m very happy with the purchase.

  8. Leigh jones

    this is a brilliant product. My partner bought me one for christmas and I havent used my main oven since new years day. I an still a little worried what I can cook in it and what I cant. If anyone has any ideas please let me know.

  9. waddo

    replaced this for my old fryer..cooked frozen fish in crumbs in 12 mins ..awesome..

  10. Ronald foster

    got this because it was on offer,so give it a try very pleased with it ,still trying thing out but would recommend this air fryer.

  11. Paul Oliver

    Tried fish and chips in it but as they cannot fit in together its not much use. Basket is very small and no rack so cannot stack items to cook together.

  12. Timbo

    I ordered a quite expensive Air Fryer before Christmas from an online website, but it never arrived. So, I got a refund and I was still interested in such an appliance, and on a quick visit to ASDA, I saw new stock of this item was on offer!

    At the offer price, it seemed too good to be true…but after 3 weeks of use it has been a perfect purchase – easy to use, easy to clean and the food items cooked with it, have been perfect. I just wish one can get a second “tray” to sit on top of the supplied low level tray so that you can cook more at the same time.

  13. Jordan

    Brilliant product – for a fraction of the price of other air fryers it’s brilliant! Dead chuffed with it!!!!!

  14. Jasmine

    Got this air fryer from Asda it is fab! I’ve not used my oven since. Don’t usually review stuff like this but honestly it has made my life so much easier, so happy I bought it. It is well worth the money, so much better than the cheap one I had. I considered buying a ninja before but honestly there is no point as this one does the same job and the food comes out lovely

  15. Jasmine

    Got this air fryer from Asda it is fab! I’ve not used my oven since. Don’t usually review stuff like this but honestly it has made my life so much easier, so happy I bought it. It is well worth the money, so much better than the cheap one I had. I considered buying a ninja before but honestly there is no point as this one does the same job and the food comes out lovely

  16. Steve

    No divider means cook one thing at a time. When second one is cooked the first one is cold. And if i use another appliance as well then it defeats the purpose of using air fryer.

  17. Darren

    ignore the useless negative reviews! one reviewer moans it doesn’t have a rack so it’s useless? this Model clearly doesn’t have a rack and neither do 90% of other models so a pointless review. Another reviewer moans it only has one basket? then buy one with 2! you can’t give a bad review to a product that never states it has a rack or twin baskets and is entry price product…. that like buying a fiat 500 and moaning it doesn’t go 0-60in 3 sec.

  18. Philip Gibbs

    just bought one,I was amazed by the ease of use and the results. Terrific value for money.

  19. Julie

    amazing air fryer cooked fish and chips in it first time come out lovely and crispy would highly recommend it glad I got it from Asda money off too simply amazing.

  20. John

    I had a Phillips air-fryer for several years & it worked very well but it was a nightmare to clean with its wire mesh basket bottom. I’ve only had the Scoville for a couple of day but it works well & much, much easier to clean after use. Also the footprint of the Scoville is a little smaller than the Phillips but it seems to hold slightly more food in its basket.
    There is a noticeable smell during the first use but this does go away after a few goes..

  21. Gill

    I bought this air fryer last year, November ‘22 and it has been in regular use, proving especially handy when cooking quick meals for the grandchildren. However it has now stopped working as the basket won’t fully close on one side. On close examination, it appears that a tiny bit of plastic must have broken off and that is what is preventing it from closing. I’m not sure that this would have been covered by the guarantee and I can’t find my receipt, but feel this is a design fault as metal would have been less likely to break.

  22. Hibah shujat

    excellent brand easy to use.

  23. Mozza

    Had three weeks and so far, so good. I wish I’d bought one with a window tho. Mine seems exactly the same as that model and I’ve been trying to find out if this would fit mine and where I could buy one.

  24. Keith Perkins

    Does exactly as expected
    But I’d like to replace the silicon bumpers on the cooking base of our SAF102B Air Fryer.
    How do I get a set of 4?

  25. DavieL

    Love the air fryer but less than a year in a piece of plastic has come off the basket and now it won’t close, i can see this has happened to others, which is a nuisance, hope this can be replaced.

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