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Expert Neverstick+

Unleash your culinary creativity with Expert Neverstick+, the latest addition to our renowned Neverstick+ collection. Crafted using reinforced aluminum for longer-lasting durability, this range features a stylish graphite design, complete with a cool-touch plastic handle. Neverstick+ technology goes beyond conventional non-stick, resulting in a cooking surface that’s an incredible 6X stronger than other non-sticks*.  

Suitable for all hob types, including induction (excl. bakeware).

A Stronger Surface


Scoville Expert is the third collection to incorporate our Neverstick+ technology. With Neverstick+, Scoville Performance provides greater wear and tear resistance and advanced release properties, all while maintaining 6X more strength than other non-stick options.

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A Healthier Surface


Neverstick+ goes beyond the capabilities of conventional non-stick systems with exceptional durability and food release, making clean-up a breeze. Plus, with the ability to cook without oils, fats, or butter, it offers a fantastic opportunity to reduce daily calorie intake and lead a healthier lifestyle.

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A Tougher Surface


We’ve all experienced the frustration of a non-stick pan that begins to peel and flake over time, but that’s not something you’ll have to worry about with Neverstick+. Our advanced surface technology is designed to withstand years of use without any signs of flaking, ensuring that your pan lasts longer than ever before.

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A Safer Surface


By using a PFOA-free process in creating our coating, Neverstick+ retains the safe and non-toxic properties of ceramic and other materials while offering a superior non-stick surface backed by science.

Lifetime Guarantee


Scoville Expert Neverstick+ comes with an incredible lifetime guarantee*. To view the full terms and conditions or to register your guarantee, simply click here.

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What do we mean by 6X stronger?

We’re very proud of the special non-stick system we developed for our Expert Neverstick+ range – but what does ‘6x stronger’ mean? We identified the largest brands and retailer own brand cookware ranges available and tested a variety of their non-sticks in an independent laboratory against our reinforced Neverstick+ coating. Neverstick+ required at least 6x more force to cause significant degradation to the coating, meaning that it was shown to be at least 6x as strong as the other non-sticks we tested.

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