A Non-Stick Innovation

Scoville is all about the absolute hottest innovations in homewares and with Scoville Pro, we’ve upgraded everything from the original collection to make sure we’re ahead of the game at every stage. As you would expect, Scoville Pro is made from heavy gauge high-quality aluminium and we’ve added an extra thick base to ensure better heat retention and ultimate durability.

Scoville Pro is available in our very own Anode Grey exterior and features a riveted stay-cool stainless steel handle that is oven safe.

Scoville Pro
Pro Coating Diagram | Scoville


Scoville Pro was the first-ever collection to feature our very own Neverstick+ technology. Neverstick+ boasts better resistance to wear and tear and increased Neverstick release properties, whilst remaining 5x stronger than other non-sticks.

Neverstick+ allows to you cook without the need for butter, fats or oil and ensures no food sticks to the pan, making washing-up easier and meals healthier!


Pro Lifestyle Curve | Scoville

The Range:

*What do we mean by 5x stronger?

We’re very proud of the special non-stick system we developed for our Scoville collection – but what does ‘5 times stronger’ mean? We identified the largest brands and retailer own brand cookware ranges available and tested a variety of their non-sticks in an independent laboratory against our reinforced Neverstick+ coating. Neverstick required at least 5 times more force to cause significant degradation to the coating, meaning that it was shown to be at least 5 times as strong as the other non-sticks we tested.

For more information about the Scoville collection or to verify our comparison please visit Scoville.me/5xstronger

Neverstick 5X | Scoville

Scoville Pro is exclusive to the following retailers:

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