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Scoville Ultra Lift - Non Stick Cookware & Bakeware Key Features

Extreme Release

The range features our very own Ultra Lift non-stick coating, which allows you to cook without the need for oil or butter. With non-stick as good as this, your food simply lifts out and leaves an easy to clean surface, which is why we call it Ultra Lift!

Wipe Clean Surface

We specifically tailored Ultra Lift to make life easier. Forget your washing up woes, the extreme release non-stick coating doesn’t just stop when the cooking does. A quick rinse with some washing up liquid and a wipe-clean should have your cookware looking as good as new.

Stylish Design

Ultra-Lift’s minimalist design will look the part in any kitchen. With bakeware and a knife set to match, it truly is a fantastic range of products. You’re bound to love it!

Healthier Frying

There’s no need for oil or butter with cooking with Scoville Ultra Lift. We like to call this ‘dry frying. The coating is also PFOA free, as well as flake and peel free, meaning it’s safe for the whole family.

Dry frying is a great way to cut out those extra few calories while cooking day-to-day. Whether you’re cooking up an omelette or treating yourself to some pancakes, Ultra Lift helps you become healthier without you even trying!

See how the egg lifts right off the surface of a dry pan? You’ll never need oil or butter again!

Scoville Ultra Lift 30cm Frying Pan. Non Stick Frying Pan

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