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Neverstick C – Stronger than other non-sticks

We took everything you loved about our 5x stronger Neverstick coating and developed an economical range. The result? A pure non-stick coating that’s stronger than other non-sticks.

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We’ve put Scoville Pure through a vigorous series of tests, from industry-standard tests to consumer field tests and the results are simply staggering. Not only does the non-stick last much longer than conventional non-stick systems, but it also features incredible food release (so washing up is a doddle!), and a truly amazing cooking surface that allows you to cook using no oil or butter.

Neverstick Pure
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Scoville Pure’s fantastic Neverstick C coating facilitates the style of cooking that we like to call ‘dry frying’. This means that you’re able to cook in Scoville Pure pans without using butter or fats, which typically are used to prevent food from sticking to the surface of the pan. Dry frying is a healthier, cleaner way of cooking and will help you live a healthy, low-fat lifestyle!


Not only does the Neverstick C non-stick system offer incredible food release, but it’s tougher than other non-sticks too. Everyone has purchased non-stick pans in the past that have peeled, flaked and deteriorated. That doesn’t happen with Neverstick! We made it our mission to develop a coating that does away with the typical tropes of non-stick cookware and offers a next-level system at a reasonable price for Neverstick C.

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In the process of creating our coating, no PFOA is used meaning it keeps the safe, and completely non-toxic, properties of other materials like ceramic, while maintaining a non-stick surface second to none with a scientific basis to back up the claims. This means that you can cook delicious food in your new Scoville saucepan, worry-free.

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