A Revolution in Non-Stick Technology

For over 50 years, non-stick cookware has remained virtually unchanged. We’re here to change that. Scoville uses the latest non-stick technologies and focuses on developing the most radical innovations in non-stick cookware. We’ve carefully crafted beautiful ranges of non-stick cookware that’ll look the part in any kitchen. With contemporary and classical styles available, there’s bound to be something for everyone.

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A Selection of Ranges that will suit Everyone’s Needs

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Why Choose Scoville?

We’re Safer

Our non-stick cookware is PFOA Free. That means there are no toxins to worry about when cooking. It’s safer for every member of the family.

We’re Healthier

Our non-stick technology means that you don’t need to use oil or butter when cooking. We call this ‘dry frying’. It’s a great way to cut out those extra few calories.

We’re Efficient

The aluminium composition of a Scoville pan results in improved heat distribution. Our pans will heat up faster than a conventional pan, which saves energy.

PFOA free
Quick and efficient

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Find a selection of our customer’s favourite non-stick products below – there is something for everyone. Each one of our ranges is carefully crafted to provide the best cooking experience. Whether you need something to go on the hob, something to go in the oven, or something that can do both, we’ve got you covered!


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Our Very Own Creation – Neverstick

We developed our very own 5x stronger non-stick coating which we have named ‘Neverstick’. We’re very proud of the special non-stick system we developed for our non-stick cookware– but what does ‘5 x stronger’ mean? We identified the largest brands and retailer own brand cookware ranges available and tested a variety of their non-sticks in an independent laboratory against our reinforced Neverstick coating. Neverstick required at least 5 times more force to cause significant degradation to the coating, meaning that it was shown to be at least 5 times as strong as the other non-sticks we tested.

For more information about the Scoville collection or to verify our comparison please visit Scoville.me/5xstronger

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