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The Scoville Live Well collection breathes new life and a fresh aesthetic into a range of kitchenware that has already been tailored towards a healthy lifestyle.

All the cookware features our Ultra-Lift non-stick technology, bringing its extreme lifting properties and wipe clean surface, into a range that you’ll love.

Extreme Release

The range features our very own Ultra-Lift non-stick, which allows you to cook without the need for oil or butter. With non-stick as good as this, your food simply lifts out and leaves an easy to clean surface, which is why we call it Ultra-Lift!

Wipe Clean Surface

We specifically tailored Ultra-Lift to make life easier. Forget your washing up woes, the extreme release non-stick coating doesn’t just stop when the cooking does. A quick rinse with some washing up liquid and a wipe-clean should have your cookware looking as good as new.

Healthier Frying

There’s no need for oil or butter with cooking with Scoville Ultra-Lift. We like to call this ‘dry frying. The coating is also PFOA free, as well as flake and peel free, meaning it’s safe for the whole family.

Clean Design

The stainless-steel exterior is a first the Scoville range, but we absolutely love the way it looks when paired with the grey Ultra-Lift coating. The exterior coating replaces the need for the protruding induction base-plate, for a cleaner, smoother look all over.

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