For over 50 years, non-stick cookware has been virtually unchanged

Neverstick2 is the latest in non-stick technologies and is the most radical innovation in non-stick cookware.

A Stronger Surface

After being put through vigorous industry standard tests, the results were amazing and showed, thanks to our our specially developed titanium reinforced toughening system, Neverstick is 5 times stronger than other non-sticks!*

A Tougher Surface

Everyone has had a pan where the non-stick has started to peel and flake away, but that doesn’t happen with Neverstick. Our surface will withstand years of use without a single sign of flaking meaning it will last you much longer!

A Healthier Surface

Not only does the non-stick last much longer than conventional non-stick systems, it features incredible food release, so washing up is a doddle, and a truly amazing cooking surface that allows you to cook using no oil or butter.

A Safer Surface

In the process of creating our coating, no PFOA is used meaning it keeps the safe, and completely non toxic, properties of other materials like ceramic, while maintaining a non-stick surface second to none with a scientific basis to back up the claims.

*What do we mean by 5 times stronger?

We’re very proud of the special non-stick system we developed for our Scoville collection – but what does ‘5 times stronger’ mean? The lovely scientists who produce our reinforced non-stick tested our pans by scrubbing at them with a scouring pad, to see how long it would take for the non-stick to wear away (please don’t do this at’ll be at it for a while). Our non-stick lasted 5 times longer than a comparable non-stick pan that doesn’t have our special reinforced system. An invention like this needs to be differentiated... which is why we call it Neverstick!

*To verify our comparison please click here